Monday, August 5, 2013

Monday Made It! YaY!

I FINALLY had some time to make some things to share!  {I guess the important thing to remember is that I actually remembered to take PICTURES so I COULD share!}

First up-my seat crates.  It's nothing new.  I LOVE how they turned out.  I was going to do something more trendy, but I had my kids tell me which one they liked and owls it was!

By the way---did you know that you can order ONLINE for Hobby Lobby??  I know there are so many of you that don't have one near you.  I haven't had to, but I was going to---until I realized that there was one 30 minutes from my house.

 I'm going to use my crates as a small meeting area for my kiddos.  When they aren't meeting, they'll connect to make a little "table."  I also got a grant for some iPod Nanos to use as a listening center in my classroom!  I think these little babies will be a good use for those somehow too!

Next up is another idea that's not new, but makes a classroom look just adorable, especially for Parent's Night/Back to School Night, etc.  The bonus is that the pens are a great writing tool for the writing table too!  Who doesn't like to write with a flower instead---even boys love it!  (gotta love first graders!)

 {You can get a bunch of flowers at the Dollar Store!  Before discovering that, I would buy them at Michaels when they were super cheap.  I always buy the bunches that have at least 6 on a bunch.  Save yourself and cut them off with a tool like that up there!  I cut about an inch down from the stem}

{I used flower tape, because I had some left from waaaaay back before duct tape.  After this roll is done, I plan on using duct tape to make my pens.  Super cute!  I made a small strip attached at the top only.  Then I taped on the flower.  Then I started a new strip and rolled it the rest of the way down the pen.  Oh, how it brought back memories of twirling baton and putting tape on it!!!!}

 {Finished product.  I plan on using smaller "containers" in my classroom to put at each table during back to school night.}

Last, isn't something REALLY for the classroom.  Of course it COULD be adapted to use in the room.  BUT, it DOES help me out at home during the school year.  I used to be good at planning meals, so that I wasn't standing at home each night, while my kids cried that they were hungry.  Last year, I was horrible.  I saw lots of pins and even started one, but I just didn't like it!  Finally I found {THIS} pin---and so started my Hobby Lobby obsession.  One thing that is different with mine is that I made a BIG one.  This baby is 16X20, I believe.  I made room for a monthly calendar.  And being that it's a cork board, I can just pin it on each month!  YEAH!

 {I used less than a yard of fabric for this, and a LOT of hot glue!  I bought the chevron scrapbook paper, but you could easily find something to print out instead}  Click {HERE} to grab a copy of my headers and days of the week "buttons"  Remember my board is bigger than the rest---so the headers will be big if you will be making a smaller version.  You can always resize when you print!}

Here's other pics on how I made the box, using a crayon box (who doesn't have one of those laying around?!)

{Unassemble the box and trace it onto the scrapbook paper.  Cut out.}

 {Glue the scrapbook paper onto the box and glue the crayon box back together.  Make sure you cut off one of the longer ends.  Last, I Mod Podged it, just because I like how it looked!}

 It was super easy to make too.  I did it while my VERY curious 7 and 3 year-olds were in the same room, hovering over me.  If I can do it under those conditions, it must be easy! ;)

 I haven't been able to get into my classroom yet this summer.  They've been using it for Summer School for our incoming K-2nd graders.  I still have a few weeks left of this sweet summer, so I have no real classroom things yet for the kids made.  I'm just not ready!!!  Good luck to all of you that are there now!  I'll be thinking about ya when we're still in school come mid June next year though... 


  1. Great! I love your meal planner, too cute! Thanks for sharing!

    Sweet n Sassy in 2nd

  2. You've been busy! All your projects turned out super cute!

    Hooty's Homeroom

  3. Wow! Love those crate seats! I need to make some of those flower pens! I am your newest follower! Check out my new blog at

  4. I like your owl crate seats. My daughter is trying to get me to make one. I may have to copy yours! I love your menu board!

    Teaching Fourth

  5. I love the owl fabric! Too cute. Your Menu Board turned out awesome. I really would like to make one...except I don't cook.
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'


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